iPhone 4 Goes to Space and Back

Talk about bringing families together for homemade projects that utilize the iPhone! You can almost imagine the people at Apple wanting to do a commercial for the iPhone 4 in light of this story that is netting headlines today across the globe.

Thanks to a father-son team in New York, the iPhone 4 has boldly gone where no iPhone 4 has gone before – 100,000 feet above the earth.

An accomplishment that would probably even make the folks at NASA jealous, Luke Geissbuhler and his 7-year-old son Max built what ABC news calls an “insulated capsule” that was affixed to a weather balloon.

Together, the father and son launched the weather balloon, which rose until it burst at nearly 100,000 feet. The crafty dad, however, devised a nifty parachute system to ensure a safe descent to the ground for the 4th generation Apple smartphone. And thanks to a GPS app, the intrepid explorers were able to find the iPhone on the ground – all in one piece.

Did I mentioned that the iPhone was shooting HD video the entire time it was chasing the heavens above? The result is some pretty cool video footage that likely tops most anything else we’ve shot on our iPhones during personal use.

You can check out the video here, which chronicles the process of launching the iPhone into space and the amazing images the device captured.