iPad vs. iPad mini: Which is Winning Among Holiday Shoppers?

According to the results of a new survey published Monday, the iPad mini could be the big winner among first time Apple product buyers in the United States.

47% of iPad mini purchases are to new customers, says Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, adding that Apple isn’t being ravaged by the type of cannibalization some predicted regular size iPads would see this holiday shopping season.

Huberty makes it clear that it doesn’t matter which tablet – full size or mini – wins in the holidays hopping wars. Either way, Apple can claim a massive victory.

Apple a clear winner during the 2012 holiday season, she suggests in a new report compiled by Fortune. “Tablets are the No. 1 gift idea in consumer electronics this year, edging out e-readers. Apple (AAPL) ranks highest among vendors at 38%, up from 34% last year.”

And the iPhone hasn’t lost steam either.

“Despite concerns to the contrary,” Huberty says, “iPhone and iPad demand remain strong. C4Q US iPhone purchase intentions beat our forecast. Stable 50% iPad share also surprised us, despite our modeled drop next year.”