iPad Passes Print Reading in User Preference

That didn’t take long now did it?

The iPad is king of content absorption, according to a new survey from media agency Cooper Murphy Webb.

Less than six months of age, the iPad has changed the way readers prefer to get their content. The survey results show that iPad owners now prefer their tablet to traditional print media hands down.

Apple’s iPad is the preferred method of reading newspapers and magazines among consumers already owning the device. The poll also found that a plurality of iPad owners prefer the device for reading books and gaming.

1,034 iPad owners (based in the UK) were polled for the survey. Incredibly, 31 percent now say the iPad is their favorite option for reading newspapers and magazines. PCs earned 26 percent of the vote. Meanwhile, traditional print fell to 21 percent and mobile phones impressed with a not-too-shabby showing of 12 percent.

For basic internet browsing, the iPad was also on top. iPad was the favorite with 38%, followed by Laptop/Computer (55%) and Mobile phone (7%).

To read the complete results from the survey, check out Cooper Murphy Webb.