iPad mini Shipments Gaining Steam in Early 2013

Despite the end to the sales rush of the holiday shopping season, nothing has slowed the momentum of Apple’s iPad mini.

According to supply chain sources out of Asia, component supply issues have been resolved. As a result, the available inventory of Apple’s iPad mini is finally keeping pace with consumer demand.

On Tuesday, China’s CCIDNet confirmed that supplies have reached consistent levels to ensure that anyone who wants an iPad mini can get one without a protracted search and wait process.

In light of this reality, some analysts now predict Apple will ship upwards of 12 million iPad minis during the 1st quarter of 2013.

Coinciding with today’s reports, over the weekend shipping times for the iPad mini returned to just 3-5 business days, suggesting that supply constraints in the U.S. have subsided as well.

“If [the supply dilemma ending] is true,” says Chris Bibey of Insider Monkey, “this would be great news for the company as it struggles to regain its footing as a result of an underwhelming earnings report.”