iPad App Frenzy: 22% Of New Apps Developed, 2000 Already Available

iPad App Frenzy - 22 Percent Of New Apps Developed, 2000 Already AvailableBefore the iPad is even available, the app frenzy continues- new stats from analytics firm Flurry indicate 22% of new mobile projects are aimed directly at the iPad, with over 2,000 apps already available and waiting in the App Store.

In the two months since the iPad was announced, the platform has seen more development and app releases than Android and Blackberry combined- again, before any consumer has even touched the device.

With the iPad commanding a 22% share of new project starts, it’s already well ahead of Android with 10% and is second behind the iPhone which stands at 67%.  On average in 2009, Android accounted for 18 percent of software development, while the iPhone commanded 78 percent.  Similarly, though BlackBerry took 4 percent of application development in 2009, it has represented just 1 percent in the last 60 days.

The extreme amount of development proves the clout Apple carries in terms of mobile devices and the apps that run on them.  Within the last few days alone, every time I open the App store on my iPhone I’m bombarded with updates to make the apps I have installed compatible with the iPad.  Every developer who has apps in the App store are working feverishly to adapt to the iPad’s larger screen and attributes in hopes of wooing early adopters.

With these kind of numbers being posted before the device is even available, it should be interesting to see what happens over the next few months.