iOS Weather Channel App Proves Sunny with a Chance of Upgrade

The winds of change are blowing for The Weather Channel App for iOS.

On Thursday, The Weather Channel companies (TWCC) announced a major re-design of The Weather Channel App for iPhone and iPod touch.

The Weather Channel App, available now on the App Store, offers a simpler interface and a visually stunning design for a more personal weather experience.

If it seems like it’s been a while since the last refresh, you’re right. This is the first major redesign of the app since 2009.

According to details provided by the company today, the refreshed app displays an immediate view of weather conditions that conveys the feel of the weather and offers increased personalization and social integration.

“Our new app is more relevant – whether it’s showing a beautiful image that displays your local weather or allowing you to save your own personalized home screen image, it’s more about the weather and content that matters to each consumer,” said Cameron Clayton, executive vice president of digital product at The Weather Channel companies. “We’ve made changes based on consumer feedback to engage users through a deeper and more emotional weather experience.

The Weather Channel App is touted as offering each consumer tailored, more immediate weather and interaction for a richer understanding of how weather impacts his or her day.

To check out a demo of the new app for yourself, click here.