iOS Triples Android’s Mobile Browser Share in June

It was a rock-em, sock-em kind of month for iOS in June and the mobile browser wars got a tad bit one-sided.

The newest data from Net Applications shows that Apple completely dominated the month of June in the mobile browser arena.

Just how big was the K.O.? For the month in question, Apple’s iOS captured 65 percent of the mobile browser share. Google’s Android only captured 20 percent.

While both Android and iOS have made mutual gains in popularity and market share during the past year, this reality has left the mobile landscape with a massive repository for down-and-out former mobile titans.

More specifically, all recent iOS and Android gains have come at the clear expense of BlackBerry, Nokia’s Symbian, and Windows platforms.

BlackBerry now barely clings to a 1.33 percent share of the market. Nokia is similarly struggling with 1.49 percent.

Microsoft’s mobile platform, however, is need of the biggest boost, as it presently controls just 0.61 percent of the market.