iOS Reaches for Platform Supremacy, But Lags Behind Big Boys

According to the latest NetApplications report published this week, iOS now is the third most-used operating system on the internet.

Based on the findings of the “Global Market Share Statistics,” browsers powered by iOS comprised 1.13% of the total last month, bumping “all flavors of Linux” – which accounted for only 0.85% – and surpassing Android-based browsers, which cling to only a 0.2% share.

In reference to the aging, 20-year-old Linux, Vince Vizzaccaro, vice president of Net Applications, says “it’s something to take note of when a mobile operating system passes something that’s been around forever.”

“Mobile is becoming quite a phenomenon on the Internet,” he added, pointing to the swelling growth of internet traffic via mobile devices. “That’s massive when you think about it.”

Still, the top player in the platform world is Windows, which (all versions included) represents 91.34%. Mac OS X is second, with 5.00%

According to ComputerWorld, however, Net Applications’ numbers “don’t reflect devices sold or operating systems licensed or installed,” but they do show how much browsing people do using specific hardware and operating systems.