Ionic Brings App Development Suite to Teams and Enterprises

Ionic, maker of the popular open source Framework for building cross-platform mobile and progressive web apps, has launched a suite of development tools for enterprise developers and teams.

Ionic Pro is a cloud-based solution that makes it faster and easier to design, build, test and deliver apps.

Launched in 2013, the Ionic Framework has acquired a community of more than five million developers around the world. Ionic’s approach streamlines mobile development with one code base that runs everywhere – on any device or operating system – using the web as a common platform. This efficiency is critical to enterprise teams, as demand for mobile apps is growing five times faster than IT can deliver. With the launch, Ionic Pro extends the power of the Framework to address the entire app lifecycle.

“The Ionic Framework has become popular with enterprise teams because they can target native mobile apps, as well as progressive web apps, all from a single codebase – using languages that are familiar to their in-house web developers,” said Max Lynch, co-founder and CEO of Ionic. “With Ionic Pro, we’re taking it even further by helping teams address the entire dev lifecycle – from design and testing, to tracking errors and shipping hot code updates.”

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