Invisible PlayStation 4 Already Dubbed a Game Changer

On Wednesday, Sony officially unveiled the next-generation of video gaming systems. And first-hand accounts say its a spectacular creation… or at least, it sounds spectacular.

This afternoon, the world received confirmation that the PlayStation 4 is coming. It’s a system so sophisticated that it will undoubtedly represent the most advanced gaming platform ever devised upon its release.

The first new PlayStation in seven years was promoted by Sony as being like a “supercharged PC,” the New York Times reported upon gaining an advanced preview of the next-generation system.

It has a souped-up eight-core processor to juggle more complex tasks simultaneously, enhanced graphics, the ability to play games even as they are being downloaded, and a new controller designed in tandem with a stereo camera that can sense the depth of the environment in front of it.

The system, however, remains invisible. That is, no one was given access to view the console itself. Not once during the entire two-hour presentation did Sony actually show off the hardware.

Also, no release date was given, although it’s expected to come before the holidays. Hoping for a price tag? We didn’t get that either.

“Today marks a moment of truth and a bold step forward for PlayStation,” says Andrew House, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment. He said the PS4 “represents a significant shift of thinking of PlayStation as merely a box or console to thinking as a leading authority on play.”

Are you able to get excited for the system without having actually seen the goods yet? Please weigh in with your thoughts and expectations for the PS4 below.