Invisible Media Updates Its Mobile-First Marketing Platform

Invisible Media, a next-generation, real-time data, decisioning and automation platform serving mobile, has announced the availability of some new offerings within its cloud-based technology offering.

“The Invisible Media platform enables brands to better understand the customer journey as consumers interact with digital and physical channels, and then create and deliver timely, relevant multi-channel messaging to users,” reads a news release shared with MMW.

New enhancements to the platform will allow clients to:

  • Define audiences for campaign targeting and analysis, by “using filters and selecting CRM, online, third-party and mobile attributes and behaviors, so clients can create and associate audiences to refine campaign targeting and analysis.
  • Improve conversion rates, as marketers can dynamically present product recommendations to consumers based on profile information and linger time determined by interactions with geo-fences and mobile beacons.
  • Track, analyze and act upon physical behaviors within a location, with real-time heat-maps that allow marketers to visualize consumers’ paths as they move through a location and interact with products or displays.

“The mobile environment constantly evolves, and we have built the Invisible Media platform to keep up with the demands of the marketplace with flexibility and agility,” said Shamim Naqvi, Chief Technology Officer and President of Invisible Media. “We’re excited to roll out the latest enhancements to our platform, with many more capabilities to rapidly follow.”

The Invisible Media platform was initially launched earlier in 2015. According to the company, it’s the first mobile-first marketing platform “built from the ground up with the customer journey in mind.”

More info is available here.