Investment in Interactive Media to Soar in the Next Few Years

Investment in Interactive Media to soar in the next few yearsThe latest US Digital Marketing Forecast was recently released by Forrester and shows that, between 2015 and 2019, the growth in spending on interactive media by marketers in the U.S. will increase at a yearly rate of approximately 12%.

That includes social media, email marketing, display and, at the top of the list, search, which will retain its grip on the top spot as far as interactive spend is concerned (See more facts and figures from Forrester here courtesy of MediaPost).

The report also shows that, in the next five years, interactive marketing is set to overtake television advertising as marketers, brands and companies continue to invest in this relatively new segment. Part of the reason is due to the recovering economy and a boost in confidence in technology, followed by the stark reality that advertisers will have more ads to purchase and marketers will have a better ability to prove performance which is, not surprisingly, a very important factor to their customers.

Although all areas of interactive media will grow during the next five years, paid search and organic optimization are still at the top and, by 2019, will see $45 billion in spending annually. Part of this is due to the fact that ad revenue at search giant Google continues to increase, hitting 70% in the third quarter of this year even though ad costs continue to decline.

One of the reasons for that is because, since 2007, click volume on Google has been growing each quarter by double digits, proving that search, and Google in particular, still dominate.

The Forrester report was compiled from interviews with 20 vendors and companies and, this year, represents mobile as a deployment option similar to desktop for search as well as display and social ad impressions.