Intuit Takes Turbo Tax into Mobile Territory

Who needs mobile games and the coolest new apps on your iPhone when you could be having fun doing your taxes on the go?

If that’s the way you feel, you’re in luck, as Intuit is going mobile with its popular TurboTax software.

On Friday, Intuit heralded the arrival of “SnapTax,” a first-of-its kind mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones that makes it possible for users to file their federal and state income tax returns via a mobile device.

The mobile app requires you to photograph your W-2 forms via smartphone, which jump-starts the tax filing process. Within moments, the app automatically extracts the data via optical character recognition technology.

After answering a couple of pertinent, tax-related questions, you will be able to review your completed tax return and, if acceptable, file it right from your handset.

“SnapTax offers an entirely new and unique way to file taxes,” said Barry Saik, VP of product management for TurboTax. “Now, millions of taxpayers across the country can do their taxes easily and accurately from their mobile phones in just minutes.”

Of course, it’s important to note that this platform is only viable to individuals with very straightforward, uncomplicated tax needs. In total, you need to have earned less than $80k last year (if you’re single) or $100k (if you’re married) in order to use the app.

Although the app is free and available now for download, TurboTax, however, charges $14.99 for your mobile filing to reach the IRS before the tax man cometh.