Intuit Releases GoPayment Prepaid Visa Card

Providing a new option on where to keep funds, the folks at Intuit say GoPayment now does more than help make it easy to accept electronic payments. It also gives small businesses and anyone who sells products or services a convenient way to receive and spend the money they’ve earned.

As part of its GoPayment mobile payment offering, Intuit today announced the recent launch of the Intuit GoPayment Prepaid Visa Card. The card expands Intuit’s strategy beyond processing credit cards on a mobile device to offering the convenience of a Visa prepaid account linked to GoPayment.

Intuit says GoPayment users can use the card to make payments online, in stores and to withdraw cash at ATMs.

A recent study found that prepaid cards are increasingly replacing payroll checks, while providing a convenient way to keep business finances separate from their personal funds. The QuickBooks and TurboTax pioneer believes that these mobile offerings appeal to people of all income levels; lower income individuals find these offerings an easy way to manage funds, and purchase goods.

“The GoPayment Card adds new value to those using GoPayment. In addition to helping them get paid, we’re helping them make payments,” said Chris Hylen, vice president and general manager of Intuit’s Payment Solutions division. “This is just the beginning. Intuit will roll out new, innovative features for GoPayment that help users make payments in a variety of ways.”

Are prepaid cards more attractive to you than payroll checks? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.