INTERSOG Gives Mobile Business Education a Boost

INTERSOG, the mobile application and learning solutions developer, is hyping the roll out of what the company calls the next generation of their mobile business learning tools with the launch for MBA Learning Solutions 2.0 for the iPad.

“This business learning utility provides students with a user-adaptive business administration and management course geared to bolster their professional skills and value within the workplace,” INTERSOG announced Monday.

MBA Learning Solutions 2.0 is available now for download on the Apple App Store in the Business category.

According to the app maker, the offering serves up a complete digital MBA level textbook fully integrated with term and concept search features.

Together with study programs and practice tests the app delivers what INTERSOG hails as “a truly mobile business-minded learning solution capable of helping anyone understand and master many of the most important modern business practices.”

A single-source learning solution, MBA Learning Solutions 2.0 combines its full-text course book with interactive flashcards and comprehensive self-tests to create a completely user-controlled educational experience.

INTERSOG believes that users stand to gain a solid understanding of modern market influences and economic conditions, and how these factors affect various types of businesses today.