Interpret Develops New Mobile Research Solution to Help Slash Churn

As the mobile industry continues to grow, it’s become increasingly difficult to make a successful mobile game. Week one churn rates often exceed a staggering 70%, leaving developers and marketers wondering, why?

That’s the question posed this week in an announcement from Interpret shared with MMW.

According to the scoop at hand, traditional approaches to measuring and predicting mobile game success can be time consuming, costly and don’t always get to the root of the problem.

Games industry expert and President of Interpret, Michael Cai, developed the Week One insight solution to help gaming companies improve their retention rates.

“Traditional mobile game research methodologies reveal the ‘what’ but not the ‘why’ behind the problem,” Cai says. “Our clients had user data that identified a symptom but didn’t explain the root cause. Week One provides mobile game developers with real-time feedback during beta or immediately post-launch, enabling them to react more quickly to potential issues driving churn.”

We’re told that Week One has been instrumental in helping mobile developers identify problem areas and pivot quickly to retain and better monetize users.

“Interpret’s Week One research helped validate a few existing hypotheses from our product team. More importantly, through the iterative process, we were able to uncover actionable new insights about key churn drivers,” explains Chris Langlois, VP, Global Consumer Insights, Mobile Developer, at FoxNext.

To learn more, check out Interpret here.