Intera Group Revs Up “RocketBoat”

Intera Group, Inc., a provider of out-of-home advertising and telecommunication services, provided some information over the weekend regarding the success of its partnership with RocketBoat in “delivering special offers and promotions” to visitors at San Francisco’s PIER 39 directly to their Bluetooth(R) mobile devices.

As you may recall from an earlier blog, offers were highly targeted to Bluetooth “zones” up to 200 feet in diameter. Since the offers were delivered via Intera’s Bluetooth Proximity Marketing network — independent of the wireless carriers — they were absolutely free to consumers.

RocketBoat (which sounds like a mobile marketing firm) is a high-speed, 30-minute “thrill ride” in the San Francisco Bay. A popular PIER 39 attraction, the service is run by Blue and Gold Fleet, the Bay Area’s premier provider of bay cruise, ferry service and motorcoach tours.

“Our campaign on Intera’s Bluetooth Proximity Marketing network helped us drive ticket sales,” said Taylor Safford, president of Blue and Gold Fleet. “Not only is proximity marketing an excellent way to get the attention of potential customers and build awareness for our new attractions, data shows that when people download the first piece of content, they are much more likely to download content on other offers. The network therefore stimulates business across participating vendors.”

In October RocketBoat launched two, five-day Bluetooth marketing campaigns, both of which generated strong results. According to the results, opt-in rates were 26 percent, and redemption rates for the downloaded offers averaged 18 percent – even higher when taking multiple ticket purchases from the same customer into account. Over a ten-day period, 300 people downloaded promotional content. Of those downloads, there were 53 redemptions for a total 64 tickets sold at an average price of $21- resulting in over $1300 in incremental revenue. For those who bought tickets, most were on the next departure.