Intelligent Living Makes Leap Into Mobile App Industry

Intelligent Living Makes Leap Into Mobile App IndustryIntelligent Living has made a very intelligent choice. The company is diving head first into the $538 billion mobile app industry

Intelligent Living tells MMW that it has formally entered into a multi-year deal with Monster Arts, Inc. for the development of mobile and web accessible games, mobile health and wellness and learning applications.

“We are very committed to building mobile and web based platforms for wellness, mHealth and cognitive learning,” says Josh Eikov, CSO of Intelligent Living.

“With brands such as MIND360, Intelligent Living and Health and Beyond,” he adds, “we see excellent opportunities for this company to position itself as a leader in the field of genre, brand-specific applications. APPZ has a lot of experience and expertise in game and mobile applications development, and we are excited about this partnership and collaboration.”

According to VisionMobile’s 2012 Developer Economics report, the app economy was worth $53 billion and is expected to expand at a 28% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) up to 2016, reaching $143 billion.

“As a Company that has been very involved in the mobile market we know that mobile healthcare apps and learning games are booming in usage, both by consumers and health care providers, but it’s early days yet for the consumer healthcare industry,” explains Wayne Irving II, CEO of APPZ. “There is a huge potential for mobile apps in patient care much beyond what we are witnessing today. We are very excited to be entering this arena and look forward to a great alliance with Intelligent Living.”