Intel Now Inside The Wearables Revolution

Intel Now Inside The Wearables RevolutionBrian Krzanich, Intel’s CEO, confirmed this week at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show that his company is determined to make its presence felt in the burgeoning wearables market.

During his remarks at the convention this week, Krzanich articulated that the growth of wearable technology is generating unprecedented new opportunities for innovation.

This was the lead-in to Krzanich’s comments regarding the launch of Intel Curie module, a tiny hardware product based on the company’s first purpose-built system-on-chip (SoC) for wearable devices.

The company announced via press release that the module is scheduled to ship in the second half of this year.

It includes the Intel Quark SE SoC, Bluetooth low-energy radio, sensors and battery charging.

Intel has been actively pursuing the wearable technology segment and will take that effort one step further through its new partnership with Oakley. Intel and Oakley announced a strategic wearables collaboration at CES this week.

“Oakley is the first Luxottica Group brand that Intel is working with to fuse premium, luxury and sports eyewear with smart technology,” Intel said. To be more specific, Colin Baden, CEO of Oakley, added that the companies are working on an intelligent product, available later this year, “designed to enhance athletes’ performance.”