Intel Moving to Mobile Processors in a Hurry

As MMW reported earlier this month, Intel made it clear at CES this year that the tech superpower is poised to focus on mobile in new markets ripe for exploitation.

Intel mobile chief Mike Bell stated at CES that customers in emerging markets “shouldn’t have to settle for a substandard smartphone experience. [The Z2420 is] a new smartphone platform that gets us into the value segment.”

Following Intel CEO Paul Otellini’s detailed showcase of the latest smartphones with Intel chips, the strategy was clear for all to see. The developing world and emerging mobile markets of Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America will soon have Intel inside.

According to a new report published Tuesday, Intel will invest $13 billion this year (as opposed to $10.15 billion in 2012) for R&D as the company works to “bridge the mobile gap” as ARM-based manufacturers are current market leaders.

Despite stated plans for new systems on a chip for smartphones and tablets later this year, “making the shift to mobile systems on a chip won’t happen overnight.”

Romain Dillet of Tech Crunch says “it will take time and a lot of partnerships with big smartphone manufacturers. As Samsung and Apple are by far the dominant players, convincing them to switch will be tough.”

But Intel appears to be hankering for a good challenge. But is it a smart move? Please weigh in with your thoughts or comments below.