inStream Rolls Out New Offering for Digital Advertisers

MAW was first to report this week that inStream, a company focused on receipt-based targeted marketing for value channel retailers, has just completed its annual value channel shopper tracking study.

To make it happen, we’re told that the company interviewed shoppers nationwide at value channel retail locations as part of this study and found that value shoppers’ interest in receipt-based offers grew year-over-year, and outpaces awareness of and interest in other types of promotions, including digital offers.

“Value shoppers — one of the retail industry’s bright spots — have spoken, and they continue to demonstrate a strong preference for receipt-based offers for savings on products they buy and to discover new products they have not yet tried,” said Michael Doherty, inStream’s Chief Operating Officer. “Up to 82% of value shoppers are aware of the coupons printed on their receipts, a 24% increase over last year, and more than half of them are returning to the store to redeem these offers.”

The company tells us that its inStream SmartConnect targeted marketing platform has generated significant results for retail partners and brand advertisers.

Overall, this year’s inStream value channel shopper tracking study shows that shopper engagement continues: Customer usage of targeted receipt coupons has increased since 2016, with as many as 82% of shoppers reporting they are aware of receipt coupons. Additionally, 58% of shoppers say they are more likely to use a coupon found on their receipt, compared to only 16% who look for store coupons through digital channels.

“In a world of increasing emphasis on digital and mobile advertising, retailers and brands must be careful to not outpace the interests and shopping habits of their core customers,” Doherty continued. “Printed receipt offers are an important element of an integrated marketing campaign and inStream has proven that it bolsters other promotions by providing shoppers a personalized experience at the register, in real-time.”

More detailed findings from the inStream 2017 value channel shopper tracking study will be published on the company’s official website in the coming weeks.