Inside Ventures Launches Vertical Search Ad Network

hero_carousel_search-1Inside Ventures, a heavy-hitter in vertically focused marketing services, has just announced the launch of its digital advertising network,, to “drive targeted audiences to some of the nation’s largest life, Medicare, auto, and home insurance carriers and brokers.”

Insurance carriers and brokers are enjoying additional features including greater ad unit options in addition to leaderboard style banners and a click-to-view phone feature that allows you to only pay when a user clicks on the button to view the number.

“We have also added national placement capability in addition to zip code specific targeting,” the company tells us.

Publishers of finance and insurance related content are finding success with the variety of unique ad units available including native, overlay, and floating ad units to compliment the traditional two-step zip code submission.

“We’re very pleased with the results thus far. We’ve had a number of advertisers and publishers alike praise the platform. Insurance advertisers are reporting improved customer acquisition costs and publishers are showing greater effective earnings per visitor,” said Trevor Nohe, President of Inside Ventures.

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