Inside Industry Spending on Mobile, Digital Marketing

Inside Industry Spending on Mobile, Digital MarketingBy 2017, the investment in digital marketing will be at epic all-time highs.  In the Unites states, the growth of digital advertisements is helping to lead the global growth of this trend.

Advertisers are using various tactics and investing in promising formats, such as real-time, native advertising, and digital video for their advertising needs. Each industry, however, seems to be adopting digital advertising at its own pace to meet the unique opportunities and challenges that it faces.

Retail and financial services, for example, are early adopters of digital adverting for their campaigns. Yet, other industries such as Pharma and healthcare are a bit behind on their digital advertising efforts and general prowess.

eMarketer recently analyzed 2013 digital advertising spending to determine how much was being spent by marketers in each industry. The results are as follows:

Digital Ad Spending 2013 by Industry

  • Healthcare 2.8%
  • Entertainment 4.6%
  • Media 5.3%
  • electronics 7.6%
  • Travel 8.0%
  • Consumer products 8.3%
  • Telecom 11.4%
  • Auto 12.1%
  • Financial services 12.4%
  • Retail 22.3%
  • Other 5.2%