Insert Integrates With Adobe To Bring The ‘Power Of Marketing Cloud’ To Mobile Apps

Insert, an automated in-app marketing platform, confirmed to MMW today its integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

The integration, we’re told, allows marketers to leverage their existing Adobe audiences, digital assets, and analytics to deliver a personalized and seamless experience for every app user.

At the same time, the in-app data which Insert feeds to Adobe’s Analytics Dashboard delivers crucial insight into the customer journey, and can be utilized across all marketing channels.

If you’re not familiar, Insert helps enterprises and mobile-first brands drive retention, loyalty and lifetime value for their mobile apps. They offer a robust engagement platform that can deliver a wide variety of campaigns into any live app within minutes, without relying on development resources.

Adobe Marketing Cloud offers marketers eight tightly-integrated solutions to effectively reach and engage customers and prospects with personalized marketing content across devices and digital touch points. With Insert marketers can add native mobile apps to their stack by targeting audiences that have already been segmented in Adobe Marketing Cloud. The Adobe asset library, including images and videos, can be used in campaigns to create a unified brand experience across all channels.

“This two-way exchange of data and assets puts mobile marketers and customer experience managers on the cutting edge,” said Shahar Kaminitz, CEO of Insert. “It brings the personalization components of Adobe’s massive marketing cloud to the world of mobile apps and addresses the dynamic life of app users. Companies can leverage their hard-earned understanding of their customers to target their app users in ways that would otherwise be impossible, and maximize the return on investment in their mobile app.”