Inquiry Into Mobile Phone Related Health Issues Sparks Industry Reaction

Last week, Federal regulators began an inquiry into whether U.S. standards require revision in order to better protect people from mobile-phone radiation.

Following the FCC’s release of its Notice of Inquiry (NOI) on Radio Frequency (RF), CTIA Vice President of Public Affairs John Walls issued a statement with regard to the effort.

“CTIA welcomes the FCC’s focus on cellphones and health effects. In establishing RF emission requirements for wireless devices, the FCC has always been guided by science and the evidence produced by impartial health organizations and the scientific community,” Walls stated.

“As the GAO stated in its July 2012 report, ‘Scientific research to date has not demonstrated adverse human health effects of exposure to radio-frequency energy from mobile phone use, but research is ongoing that may increase understanding of any possible effects.’ The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health have reached similar conclusions about the state of the science.”

Regulators haven’t revisited the standards since 1996 when cellphone ownership was dramatically lower than it is today.

“As this review proceeds,” Walls concludes, “it is important to recall the FCC’s Director of Communications has said, ‘We are confident that, as set, the [FCC’s] emissions guidelines for devices pose no harm to consumers.'”

What do you believe the FCC’s inquiry will show?