Innovation Lab Brings Toyota a New Mobile Opportunity

Innovation Lab Brings Toyota a New Mobile OpportunityOpera Mediaworks has created what it calls a “custom Dynamic Sales Event mobile ad unit” for Toyota.

According to an exclusive from NativeMobile, the effort has resulted in a solution that lets the automaker serve real-time offers to in-market consumers based on their exact location.

“This is a great example of what happens when you combine creative talent with true mobile technology expertise,” an Opera Mediaworks executive is quoted in the report. “Our Innovation Lab saw the opportunity to harness that dynamic content made possible by Toyota’s API, and Saatchi & Saatchi was the ideal partner to work with on bringing it all together.”

Last month, the world was introduced to the “next generation” of mobile ad technology courtesy of Opera Mediaworks. The ad platform had just announced its “Innovation Lab.”

The Innovation Lab’s goal, we’re told, is to “create new products and solutions based on technology and innovation that will help marketers reach the next generation of mobile consumers in the most effective and engaging way.”

First on the lab’s list is Toyota.

“What makes this ad unit interesting is the combination of dynamic updating with both geographic location and in-market behavior, or demonstrated purchase intent,” the Opera Mediaworks rep continues. “Stretch your imagination. What if the dealer could take a picture of a car sitting right there on the lot, populate the ad unit with it, and serve it to a customer that was shopping for that exact model — and happens to be right across the street? That is where advertisers can and should go with this technology.”

The campaign began August 6th and wraps up today, having covered Toyota’s entire August sales event.