Innovation Central: BandwidthX Launches BxNotify

This week, MMW learned that BandwidthX is ready to roll out BxNotify, the company’s newest addition to the BX product line.

So what’s the new offering packing?

This messaging service channel utilizes the same SaaS platform as the company’s main service BxMarket. BxNotify allows mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to send notifications to subscribers on their BxMarket enabled devices without using text messages.

In short, we’re told that it works both when the mobile service plan is active and when the cellular service is not active, but the device connects to the internet using Wi-Fi. The service complements existing mobile marketing channels to reach customers in the full subscription lifecycle.

“We are very excited to bring BxNotify to the market to help our customers stay connected with their subscribers even when the subscriber has not renewed their service.” said CEO Dr. Pertti Visuri, “Having a communication channel that does not rely on text messaging and that can be used without any action by the end user adds a valuable tool for building relationships with subscribers, retaining customers and reducing churn.”

For more information about BandwidthX and its solution, click here.