Inneractive Debuts Programmatic In-App Video Advertising

Inneractive Debuts Programmatic In-App Video AdvertisingOn Monday, Inneractive began providing mobile publishers with a new tool to access video demand programmatically through the Inneractive RTB exchange without any additional effort on their side.

The mobile SSP now offers “Video in a Box,” enabling mobile publishers to serve full screen video ads in their apps, mobile Web, or in-stream properties with no effort on their part.

App developers and publishers’ main challenge has been ramping up their video-enabled supply and managing allocation across different video players by using a variety of SDKs.  Inneractive now offers its Video in a Box – one SDK, which enables both display and video, including an integrated video player.

In addition, the company says, the video ads play natively and can be skipped, without forcing the user to close or leave the current app. Mobile Web publishers are also able to monetize any property with video capabilities and connect to the mobile RTB exchange using a simple JavaScript tag.

It should be noted that the full screen video ads are 100% compliant with Google’s recent T&C change, and skipping the ad is clear and simple.

15 or 30 seconds video streams allow advertisers to reach their target audience across app interstitials and seamlessly track view completion, clicks, and engagement. Buyers can access the supply programmatically, bidding on a single impression or audience segmentation.

eMarketer predicts the mobile video advertising space will account for $520 million in ad spending in the U.S. this year, or 13% of the entire digital video ad market.