InMobi Unveils Free InMobi Ad Tracker

InMobi, a top independent mobile advertising network, tooted its PR horn today and for good reason.

This morning, the company heralded the launch of its new mobile conversion tracking platform InMobi Ad Tracker.

Providing real-time analytics, this platform will allow advertisers to measure multiple conversions on both mobile web and app campaigns, across all advertising networks and publishers.

According to InMobi, however, the new ad tracker is separate from the InMobi ad network, not reliant on UDIDs, and is free to integrate and use.

In addition to being free, other advertised InMobi Ad Tracker benefits include:

  • Network agnostic and works across all mobile ad networks
  • Tracks multiple conversion types across mobile web and app inventory
  • Combines multiple tracking technologies to ensure no dependencies on UDID
  • Single login to access conversion data across all mobile ad networks
  • Real time dashboard view of all conversion events
  • Ability to define customized goals, for example, downloads, registrations, payments etc.
  • Conversion data can be passed back to the originating mobile ad networks to enable real-time optimization
  • Easy SDK integration for iOS and Android Apps and JavaScript integration for mobile web campaigns
  • Completely free to integrate and use

InMobi says this tool is not only independent and scalable but also cost-effective for businesses and individuals seeking to manage mobile campaign performance in a rapidly growing market.

“The industry has been aware for some time that UDID deprecation was on its way,” says Chandrashekhar Vattikuti, VP of Products at InMobi. “With this in mind, it was critical for InMobi to create a solution with long-term benefits for both advertisers and publishers.”