InMobi Takes a Bold Stand: But How Much Can They Really Guarantee?

InMobi Takes A Bold Stand But How Much Can They Really GuaranteeOne of the many new digital products introduced during Advertising Week in New York recently was InMobi’s Guaranteed Outcomes.

Of course, whenever you start throwing out terms like “guaranteed,” it generates some degree of controversy if not disbelief.

So just what exactly is the ad network guaranteeing?

The product in question is a real-time decision engine, designed to ensure that brands meet their KPIs with each and every ad impression.

In fact, they are so confident in their new product, that they are guaranteeing results for achieving brand objectives. Specifically, they seek to increase engagement by 2-3 percent. Their initial tests show that these results are indeed possible and are sometimes conservative.

While testing a beverage client in the U.S., the test subject experienced an increase of 4.3 percent, and a US-based QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants) multinational client experienced an increase of 3.4 percent.

This means that brands can focus less on impressions, InMobi says, and more on results. This product is the result of years of complied data, gathered to best improve the success rates of mobile and digital marketing.