InMobi Rewinds 2011 to Highlight Growth in Mobile, Tablet Impressions

On Tuesday, InMobi, the gargantuan independent mobile ad network, released its InMobi Mobile Market 2011 Review.

The report draws attention to the observable trends and analysis from the last 12 months and provides insight into the mobile market for 2012.

According to the findings of the year in review, there was 251% growth in mobile impressions globally on the InMobi network with an increase in global smartphone impressions of 488%.

By comparison, Europe was ahead of the global trend, with 358% overall growth in mobile impressions and a staggering 722% increase in smartphones, InMobi says.

Smartphone impressions surged in 2011 with the huge growth of in-app ads. This was combined with broad consumer and business adoption of the tablet platform, with tablet impressions increasing 771% year-on-year, to 11.2 billion. The tablet market is expected to grow rapidly through 2012 with new devices and increased investment.

Perhaps the most insightful aspect of the report is the suggestion that connected devices (defined as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, eReaders and gaming systems) are the future of media in the post-PC era, “highlighting that consumer user experience demands continue to drive innovation within the industry.”

“Mobile technologies have empowered the development of the media and advertising market and pushed consumer acceptance of media consumption through emerging channels,” admits James Lamberti, VP of Global Research & Marketing at InMobi. “Advertisers are now on board with this trend and we expect to see strong innovation in this space as consumers spend more time on mobile devices and less on PCs.”