inMarket Location Data Hits Programmatic Trading Desks

A respected leader in the beacon proximity market, inMarket this week announced some big news more than seven years in the marking.

Speaking on behalf of the location intelligence innovator, Dave Heinzinger — Vice President of Communications at inMarket — shared the details in a company blog entry.

“At inMarket, we’ve harnessed the power of location data in advertising since 2010,” Heinzinger writes. “From our early in-store campaigns to the sophisticated, online-to-offline programs we run today, one thing has remained consistent: We’ve always managed those campaigns in-house.”

A pioneer long at the forefront of delivering contextual content to consumers in the retail space, inMarket now contends that the demand for accuracy in programmatic “has become too great.”

“Today, we’re extending our hyper-accurate Audiences segmenting product to programmatic trading desks,” Heinzinger explains. “Brands and agencies can now access our walled garden of first-party location data previously only accessible via high-ROI managed campaigns.”

So how does it work?

Audiences will provide trading desks with unprecedented accuracy via our location database, which uses full cycle GPS, WiFi and the world’s largest beacon platform in a waterfall to continually validate data points. Opt-in consumer location data paired with our vast point-of-interest marketing platform reveals consumers’ journeys between POIs — while personas derived from machine learning across billions of consumers data points make targeting more precise than ever.

“Audiences also enables new first party location precision that dramatically reduces crossover contamination in dense markets — for example, when a laundromat is next store to a restaurant,” Heinzinger concludes. “This unlocks superior targeting for brands. The same first party dataset enables inMarket to predict major business trends across America — like customer loyalty — via inMarket inSights.”

Anyone wanting to know more is encouraged to contact inMarket here.