Infusion Announces Digital New Movers Program

Infusion, a financial-industry focused provider of data-driven direct marketing campaigns, announce its new marketing program this week.

Digital New Movers is the digital marketing campaign that enables almost real-time digital marketing to new movers within a financial institution’s targeted geographical region.

Infusion’s Digital New Movers enables financial institutions to continuously find and target consumers who are new to their trade areas and likely in need of a financial services provider.

The targeted recipient groups are selected by geography and include three categories: pre-movers, or new homes listed; in escrow; and post-mover, or recently purchased homes.

Financial institutions receive strategic direction, creative and copy development, program management, data management, digital ad placement and comprehensive campaign tracking and analysis from Infusion through this new program. Digital New Movers is supported by Infusion’s proprietary ProfitGenerator process, allowing for programmatic, immediate digital marketing. The new mover database updates twice daily and suppresses existing customer or member households. Infusion continuously tracks impressions and clicks from the campaign-specific ads, provides a monthly scorecard update of accounts opened by new movers and offers a comprehensive quarterly tracking report of program results.

“New movers are difficult for financial institutions to target in a timely manner using traditional direct mail outreach, which is why we developed the Digital New Movers program,” said Tim Keith, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Infusion. “Digital New Movers enables financial institutions to establish a digital presence with new movers immediately through strategically targeted ads on their laptop, smartphone and tablet devices.”