Infographic: Who’s Suing Who In Mobile

As the mobile industry continues to grow exponentially and newcomers displace old-timers in terms of devices, services and nearly everything else in the mobile ecosystem, litigation continues to run rampant.  Whether it’s disputes over patent infringement, anti-trust inquiries or even the “handling of digital images,” a lawsuit seems to be the easiest answer for companies large and small.

David McCandless, a data journalist and designer, put together this awesome infographic published on his Website “Information is Beautiful” [embedded below] to visually identify who’s suing whom in the telecom world.  He even differentiates between ongoing and finished lawsuits with different arrows, while the size of the cubes represent the various company’s estimated revenue.  In addition, if a company’s cube is red, it means its revenue is decreasing, while gray cubes represent companies with increasing revenues.