Infographic: What’s Really Going On in Mobile Banking

By 2017, an estimated one billion people will use mobile banking. Even today, mobile banking has become an accepted – if not routine – part of daily life.

But according to the data presented in a new infographic from FICO, there’s often a gap between what mobile services customers want and what their banks offer.

Getting it right can drive big benefits for both bank and customer, they say.

The infographic combines industry survey research findings on market demand and issues of concern, along with FICO customer results in key areas.

The data reveals that 62% of borrowers in the US and the UK believe that the biggest communications problems with their banks relate to technology. A large segment of borrowers in each market want more tailored services akin to what they now expect from retailers.

To learn more, check out the fascinating inforgraphic below and explore mobility’s evolving role in banking, credit and fraud.