INFOGRAPHIC: What’s Ahead for Predictive Analytics?

The team at Soliant Consulting is out with a new report that focuses on the future of Predictive Analytics.

The infographic shared below opens with an explanation of Predictive Analytics and why it matters to business moving forward.

The focus then narrows to Salesforce and its role in Predictive Analytics, showing the timeline of Salesforce making a push into this space and how their acquisitions have really driven this.

So, what does this mean for the future of Predictive Analytics? While nobody can actually predict the future, there are some clear trends that the piece explains, as impacted by Salesforce specifically. For example, “more data makes machine learning better.”

Salesforce has an estimated 3.75 million users, which means they have more business per user data available than almost any company in the world. Because of this, the company can mine this data to create some incredibly advanced Predictive Analytics mechanisms.

Want to know more? Check out the visual below.