Infographic: Understanding Consumer Email Behavior

Infographic Understanding Consumer Email BehaviorLate last week, the team at reached out to MMW with results from a new survey of 1,000 U.S. internet users on email behavior.

The report uncovered a number of interesting findings worth noting for email marketers and digital advertisers everywhere.

Among the interesting discoveries:

  • Email users depend on mobile email. 70% of email users check email on their mobile device.
  • Mobile users have multiple accounts. 42% of people who check email on mobile devices have 2 accounts. 22% have more than 3 accounts, and 8% have more than 4 email accounts.
  • Android wins out for mobile email users. For the 72% of people who check email on mobile devices, 48% use Android as their main mobile platform. 38% use iOS.
  • Mobile platform varies by age. For mobile email users 19 years old and younger, 49% use iOS and 44% use Android. But for those age 35-44, 28% use iOS and 57% use Android.
  • Mobile users want to be notified instantly. 67% of email users want to know about new messages the moment they hit their mobile Inbox, so they turn on push notifications.

To learn more, check out the infographic shared below.