Infographic: The United States Of Text Message Spam

SMS marketing provider Tatango has published an interesting infographic on the amount of SMS spam received in the U.S, broken down by a number of data points.

Tatango, and the company’s CEO Derek Johnson, have long been outspoken in their fight against SMS spam and the data in this graphic helps explain why.  The company surveyed 500 U.S. consumers in July to gain insight into their experience with text message spam.  Some quick stats from the survey include the fact that 68% of respondents said they’d received SMS spam, and that women under the age of 17 are the most likely to receive spam.

“This report highlights a major problem in the text message marketing industry,” explained Johnson.  “With the rise in text message spam, the effectiveness of marketing through this channel will drop significantly if gone un-checked.  With over two thirds of the U.S. population receiving text message spam, it’s time for businesses to start realizing the impact text message spam has on their customers and selecting software providers like Tatango that have instituted a zero tolerance policy for text message spam.”

Text Message Marketing by Tatango.