INFOGRAPHIC: The Smartphone Exodus Toward The iPhone 5 is Ready to Begin

On Wednesday morning, MMW covered comScore’s newest report from its MobiLens service, which revealed that Android – once again – was the top smartphone platform with 52.2 percent market share. But Apple’s share also increased 2 percentage points to 33.4 percent.

And with the iPhone 5 now just days away from launch, we’re seeing more and more evidence of just much of an impact the refreshed Apple smartphone may have on the industry at large.

A new infographic from (via suggests that approximately 75 percent of current iPhone 4 owners will buy an iPhone 5.

The survey of 1,332 respondents revealed that 74 per cent of iPhone 4 owners are planning to purchase the next-gen iPhone. Meanwhile, 71 per cent of iPhone 3GS owners are planning to buy it, as are 64 per cent of those with an iPhone 4S. Meanwhile, 38 percent of BlackBerry owners are planning to switch to the new iPhone, as are 32 per cent of people who don’t currently own a smartphone, and 22 per cent of Android phone owners.

In the big picture, the news just keeps getting worse for BlackBerry. In the new comScore report, BlackBerry placed a distant third with just a 9.5 percent share – a new low for BlackBerry’s market share.

Are you planning to abandon your current smartphone for the iPhone 5? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.