INFOGRAPHIC: The British Are Coming… But Not For Websites

As difficult as it might be to comprehend, a large number of British companies are yet to develop a website, let alone go mobile and embrace the lucrative and promotional splendors of mobile marketing.

A new study from Made Simple Group shows that approximately one in four UK businesses haven’t developed a dedicated company website. What’s more, one-third of this segment of business owners aren’t planning to develop one.

The study in question, which was sponsored by Microsoft, Huddlebuy, Business 2012 and TaxAssist Accountants, surveyed some 2,000 United Kingdom business owners.

From Startups:

The survey also found that the cost of web development is a major deterrent for many firms; of those who admitted they don’t have a website, more than half cited money as a key concern.

In addition to the lack of motivation for website development in the U.K., the British could also use some help keeping current the websites they do have. The folks at Made Simple Group say that just 8% of companies update their website more than once a day, while one in six “don’t update their site at all.”