Infographic: TeleNav Details How Mobile Users Use GPS, Walmart Remains Most Searched

TeleNav, one of the largest providers of GPS services, has published a new infographic detailing interesting usage statistics for the second year in a row.

The company provides location-based services to over 20 million subscribers and has mined anonymous usage data to pinpoint what a majority of users are searching for and where they’re doing a majority of the searching.  Most notably, Wal-Mart remains the top searched location for the second year, producing double the amount of searches as number two on the list, Target.

The graphic details things like what types of food receive the most searches, which cities have the most users trying to avoid traffic and even the cities with the highest amount of people searching for the cheapest gas.  Some of the stats aren’t so surprising — like the fact that Chicago and Los Angeles had the highest proportion of people using GPS to avoid traffic situations — while others did surprise me, such as the fact that Washington D.C. has the highest amount of GPS users overall.