Infographic: Smartphones Decoded

On Thursday, LogicBuy posted a must-read report on smartphones and the often-touted specs that should actually carry very little weight with consumers in the market for a new or refreshed device.

“For example,” reads the guest post by Shaun Chatman, “did you know that so-called native apps take up huge allotments of your phone’s memory: why would you want a phone to choose apps for you? Say no to wasted space and skip this spec.”

Other specs that phones shouldn’t bother listing include caller ID, SMS capability, and languages. When was the last time a phone existed without the capability to send an SMS? Text messaging has been around for twenty years, and SMS-friendly phones have been on the market for at least 15 years.

Chatman shared the following infographic, which is meant to educate readers on which specs they should really pay attention to, and which ones should just be regarded as white noise. Check it out below.