Infographic: Sick Computers Are Worse Than Sick Employees

Just how important are computers and related technologies in small business today? They’re definitely just as – if not more – important than many employees.

According to the findings of a recent Brother International Corp. survey, small business owners would rather be forced to contend with sick employees than a computer virus or tech breakdown at work.

As highlighted by SmallBizTrends on Tuesday, 75 percent of small business owners would rather deal with the absence of an employee than a technology issue.

Yes, that’s right: small business owners apparently believe that a down computer disrupts the business more than a down employee.

“The results emphasize the importance of delivering reliable and easy-to-use products to promote a productive working environment,” Brother Marketing VP John Wandishin says.

To learn more, check out this new infographic based on the discoveries from this eye-opening study.