Infographic: RIM Vs. The World, How Blackberry Stacks Up Against iOS And Android

We came across an interesting infographic today called “RIM vs. the world,” which provides an interesting look at a smartphone maker that doesn’t get nearly as much press as it’s iOS and Android -based brethren these days.

The graphic follows the origins of RIM as a company and how it stacks up against Apple’s iOS and Android is the increasingly competitive smartphone space.  At one time, BlackBerry was the predominant smartphone, and the infographic details the relative rise and gradual fall of the once industry-leading device manufacturer.  In digging through some of the facts and figures in the graphic, some stood out — such as the fact that BlackBerry users typically use 2/3 less data than other smartphone users and that the U.S. Government alone uses more than 500,000 BlackBerries.

The full graphic is embedded below, enjoy.

blackberry vs iphone Geekaphone‘s RIM vs the World Infographic