Infographic: Opera Mediaworks Releases State of Mobile Advertising Report

Infographic Opera Mediaworks Releases State of Mobile Advertising ReportThe Q2 2013 State of Mobile Advertising Report was published Tuesday by Opera Mediaworks, the world’s largest mobile ad platform.

The report highlights mobile monetization and advertising trends that unfolded during the second quarter of 2013.

The eye-opening findings presented indicate that iOS is the clear market leader in both impression volume and revenue generation with nearly 44% of all ad requests and almost half of all revenue.
However, the report goes on to explain, when comparing mobile phones using iOS and Android the two OS are in a virtual tie for share of ad impressions, with just over 30% each.

Apple is still the top manufacturer of mobile devices, with 43.8% of all impressions served on its devices. Samsung is the strongest contender with a 17.4% share.

Among tablets, Apple also leads the pack with 91.2% share while Samsung follows at 6.1%.

Opera Mediaworks released the following infographic to highlight more of the fascinating findings from their newest report.

SMA Q2 2013_infographic