INFOGRAPHIC: New Study Lends Insight Into Shopping Habits of Tablet Users

Going shopping online? If so, there’s a good change you’re a tablet owner. That was the general theme that surfaced time and again in a new report published on Friday.

Thanks to the latest data provided by RichRelevance, we are getting some detailed comparisons between iPad shoppers and other mobile users.

The report, The 2012 Q1 Shopping Insights Mobile Study, finds a steady rise in mobile share of revenue from 1.9 % in April 2011 to 4.6% in March 2012, with the iPad driving nearly all shopping, browsing and purchasing in this emerging channel.

“Twenty years later, Apple’s ground-breaking ‘Think Different’ ad campaign can be recast as ‘Shop Different’ for the iPad,” said RichRelevance CEO David Selinger. “To succeed in this quickly evolving landscape, retailers need to understand how shopping behavior changes as consumers hop between devices and be prepared to tailor the shopping experience in every channel, ensuring continuity and seamlessness regardless of choice of access.”

Among the most eye-openining insights:

  • iPad users constitute the bulk of all mobile shoppers-accounting for about two-thirds (68%) of shoppers.
  • The iPad accounts for 90% of all mobile revenue.
  • Conversion rates were also strongest with the iPad (1.5% for iPad vs. 0.57% for other mobile devices).
  • iPad users spend dramatically more – on fewer items – than other mobile shoppers. When compared to online shoppers, iPad users spend approximately the same amount on an average order, but buy much more expensive products.

To learn more, check out the complete study here.