Infographic: Mother’s Day Shopping Trends from The Trade Desk

Our friends at The Trade Desk have just published a new data infographic about Mothers Day that highlights trends for marketers.

A few particular Mother’s Day stats from The Trade Desk infographic. however, are worth pointing out and emphasizing.

  • Northeastern Mother’s Day Trends
    • Shoppers tend to be: travelers, democrats, and active 
    • Most popular gifts: 1) gardening accessories 2) decor 3) desserts 4) gift cards 5) perfumes
  • West Coast Mother’s Day Trends
    • Shoppers tend to be: movie goers, beach lovers, pet lovers
    • Most popular gifts: 1) Spa days 2) desserts 3) flowers 4) decor 5) gardening accessories

To learn more check out the complete visual shared below.