Infographic: Mobile Coupons & Why 20 Percent of Smartphone Users Redeem Them

The folks over at Microsoft Tag have put together a new infographic detailing the explosive growth in mobile coupons, along with some interesting usage stats and predictions.

Consider this — a full 20% of smartphone users currently acquire and redeem mobile coupons on a regular basis, with that number expected to grow to 30% by 2013.  In addition, a full 10% of ALL mobile phone users redeem mobile coupons on a regular basis, growing to 16.5% by 2013.  These are pretty powerful numbers when looking at the big picture, and even more powerful when you look at the engagement rates mobile coupons generate.

People love saving money, and having the ability to acquire, store and redeem coupons directly from a device we all carry around with us everywhere we go is a powerful thing.  Take a look at the graphic below and see if it falls in line with your own usage of mobile coupons.