Infographic: Mobile App Dependency is Growing, Says Apigee

On Monday morning in Barcelona on the first day of Mobile World Congress 2013, Apigee released the findings of a new study showing exactly how dependent on mobile apps we’ve grown as a global community.

According to the findings presented, 85% of people would rather go without water than their mobile apps.

No, that wasn’t a misprint. And there are other head-scratching stats just like that in the 2013 Mobile App Behavior survey of smartphone owners across France, Germany, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S.

Among the other fascinating discoveries:

  • 18% of the French are unable to order dinner without using an app
  • 32% say they can’t wake up in the morning without an app
  • Some people use more than 50 apps per day
  • Many use apps to impress people

“The findings of the study show that people all over the world are becoming increasingly intertwined with their mobile apps and are demanding more from them,” says Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO. “Apps are becoming transformative to everything we do, but an app is only as good as its APIs. Apigee’s API platform helps build powerful digital ecosystems that let us all shop, communicate and connect through apps on trillions of mobile devices.”