Infographic: Mobile Advertising Click-Through, Battle of the Sexes

Our friends over at Inneractive have published their latest infographic for August, this time with a focus on mobile advertising click-through between males and females.

Aptly named “Mobile Apps: Battle of the Sexes,” the infographic compares numerous data points in relation to how males and females engage with mobile ads within mobile applications.  In addition, the company looked at the differences in mobile platforms, devices and even the top three mobile app categories between sexes.  For example, there’s a significant difference in terms of average CTR.  For females, the average stands at 1.65%, while males average much higher at 2.73%.

In looking at mobile OSs, Android users are predominately male, according to the data, while Blackberry was just the opposite — mostly female.  The full infographic is embedded below and can be found here as well.